Some Films & Books I Have Written About

April, 2018: Book Review: 'I am a Troll' for Helter Skelter 


March, 2018: The Dark Underbelly of Bollywood for The Tribune


February, 2018: 7 Times The Women In Mahabharata Got Their Due for Feminism in India


December, 2017: 7 Great Stop-Motion Animation Films You Must See for Cinemaholic


December, 2017: Three 2017 Bollywood films and what they taught us about gender for Café Dissensus Everyday


November, 2017: Victoria and AbdulThe Empire Rewrites Itself Back  for Countercurrents.Org


October, 2017: Between Arrivals and Departures—A Tasteful Labour of Love for Coldnoon for International Journal of Travel Writing and Travel Cultures (Magazine) 


October, 2017: The Gravity of Newton for Kafila


September, 2017: Why it is Time to Revisit the Films of Saeed Akhtar Mirza, the ‘Leftist Sufi’ for Café Dissensus Everyday


August, 2017: Trapped—Deconstructing Heaven for Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Writing and Travel Cultures (Magazine) 


On Medium


March, 2018: Stranger than Fiction: ‘Wild Wild Country’


March, 2018: Surpanakha's LegacyNo Laughing Matter 


February 2018: Ruskin Bond's Notes on Simple Living